Discover the new EasyChalk. With EasyChalk you can do anything you can do a traditional whiteboard – and much more!

EasyChalk is the original cloud based whiteboard software. Runs on all boards, tablets, interactive projectors and other systems. EasyChalk can be used at any time, any place and with any hardware. The only requirement is an up-to-date internet browser

Platform Independent

For example, use EasyChalk with an iPad, integrate videos or internet pages, create digital documents and share with others regardless of wether they work with Windows, on a Chrome Book, a Mac or Linux.


Since EasyChalk is accessible on line, the material you have created is always available when and where you need it. Wether for class preparation at home, in the classroom or in the student’s home, material made available by the teacher is always available.

Newest technology

EasyChalk uses the newest web technology (AJAX and HTML5). Since Java and Flash are not necessary, EasyChalk can be used on all modern mobile devices like iPad and Chromebooks.

Simple to use

EasyChalk is simple to use and intentionally not burdened with unneccessary functions. As a result, you are free to concentrate your content, not the technology.

EasyChalk Advantages

Intuitive use:

No unnecessary time needed to learn the software.

Writing: Write by hand or keyboard. The text may be edited like in usual text editing programs.

Drawing: Draw free-hand or use the templates provided, which offer a lot of scopes for design for your class.

Use other media: Photos and picture files, web sites, videos or audio files may be integrated directly which improves understanding of their content and motivation of your students.

Online data storage: Your data are always available. Each version of your files are automatically saved. Prepare your lessons at home and use, change and further develop that material for your instruction all the while saving the interim material. In addition, material from previous classes is available at any time.

Platform independent: Since there is only one software for various interactive media, you are free to concentrate completely on the technical features of interactive boards, tablets, etc. when submitting requests for bids on equipment.

No installation: Since EasyChalk runs in an internet browser, you don’t have to bother with the software. You always use the most up-to-date version of the software.

Distribute documents: There is no charge for students using EasyChalk. You can take advantage of this by incorporating it into individual and group instruction. Missed work may be made up, and students can repeat assignments at home, practice, prepare for exams or do their homework. You can make material available to colleagues to work on individually or collectively.

Not platform dependant: Use EasyChalk with all interactive media regardless of manufacture. For this reason it can be used on old as well es new systems. Take full advantage of different interactive media and remain flexible with choce of manufacturer and products.

A software for all systems: Since EasyChalk can be used in all systems, the faculty doesn’t have to learn different software, which means avoiding unnecessary and expensive training.

„Software as a service“: The software exists on our system and is made avaiable over the internet. This means a significant reduction in labor for system managers by eliminating installation and updating individual machines. Data security is also handled by EasyChalk which saves time and therefore money.

Simple price structure: Your school only pays for a one-year license, according to the number of teachers. There is no charge for students using EasyChalk.

Central hosting: EasyChalk runs in the internet through your browser. This means no installation necessary, which reduces administrative costs substantially. It’s not necessary to modify images or create scripts for software distribution, and installing expensive updates is eliminated completely.

Platform independent: Since there is only one software for various interactive media, you are free to concentrate completely on the technical features of interactive boards, tablets, etc. when submitting requests for bids on equipment.

„On site hosting“: We can also make it possible for schools and larger institutions to have “on site hosting”, that is, if you wish, you may integrate your own EasyChalk server into your IT infrastructure.

Fair and equitable licensing: The reasonably priced EasyChalk license permits using the software in any interactive media so that instructional materials may be used with graphic tablets as well as tablet-PCs.


EasyChalk can be used intuitively and without any prior knowledge. Thanks to our cloud-based solution there are no time-consuming installations and updates. An online manual gives you quick answers to common questions


Since Easychalk is web based, you can access it alway and everywhere on any system you are using. An interruption of the internet connection will not stop you from working, everything is stored in the browser cache. EasyChalk is working on any Inactive Flat Panel (IFP) Interactive White Board (IWB), Android Tablets, iPad, interactive projectors. It works on any device that support an up to date internet browser.


With EasyChalk you prepare your lessons at home. Use your lessons during class, edit and enhance them, save ans share the results with your student or your colleagues.

EasyChalk Prices

Single  Teacher license

€ 48

per year

12 month cces for 1 teacher to all features ready to use in your webbrowser inclusice updates and 24/7 support

Elementary school license

€ 248

per year

12 month access for 10 teacher to all  features, unlimited student accounts, ready to use in your webbrowser, inclusive updates and 24/7 supportort

School license

€ 848

per year

12 month access for all teacher to all  features, unlimited student accounts, ready to use in your webbrowser, inclusive updates and 24/7 support

About us:

EasyChalk is the original Online-Whiteboard-Software, that works on all Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) e.g. on SMART Boards®, Promethean Boards®, Star Boards®, Tablets, interactive projectors (e.g. from Epson, Hitachi) and other systems. You can use EasyChalk anytime with any hardware. You can use EasyChalk hardware independent, e.g. create documents on an iPAD, embed videos and web content and share your work – no matter if you are working with Windows, Mac or Linux. This works since EasyChalk uses AJAX and HTML5, the most up to date web technology. Since Java and Flash is not required , you can use EasyChalk on a Tablet-PC and iPad. EasyChalk can be used intuitively and easily and is not overloaded with features. You can focus on the important things: Teaching is the focus, not technology! Since EasyChalk is available online, all your data is where you need it: preparing your lessons at home, in school or for your students at home, they can access the lessons you created and shared for them anywhere on any device, also on there smart phone. The only requirement: an up to date internet browser and internet access.

The Chalkless Media GmbH was founded 2010. A Team of educators and experts from the educational sector and the interactive whiteboard industry, as well as software developers from Germany and England started Chalkess Media to crate a better whiteboard software for everyone. Since more then 15 years the team has broad experience in teaching methodology using interactive whiteboards and has excellent experience in the development of online educational software. 


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