Working with Text

Text in EasyChalk can be entered just like in familiar word processing using the keyboard and it can be altered using the properties. Texts can be moved as objects and it´s appearance and size can also be changed.

First clock on the text icon   and then on the desired spot on the working area of the whiteboard where you wish your text to appear, use the keyboard to write the text, by hitting the return key a new line is created.

With the selection arrow the text can now be moved around and by activating the text field and dragging the handles the size of the text can also be altered.

Letters, words and long passages of text can subsequently be activated and altered individually using the property field. Select the ‘text’ symbol and mark the letters or words to be altered in the text field and then select the desired appearance in the property field


If the text function is active, the marked text inside the text field can be copied by dragging it to a different position on the working area of the whiteboard. This is a useful function when doing text analysis and the isolation of single terms
If the text is activated with the selection arrow the entire text field can be copied by dragging the infinity symbol.