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Import SMART Notebook Files

Here you can learn how to import SAMART Notebook files in EasyChalk and work with them. Unfortunately it is not possible that all objects that are crated in a SMARt Notebook file work in EasyChalk. Content that is created whit the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit don’t work, since the use Adobe Flash and Adobe Flash is not supported by EasyChalk.

Embed QR Code

Here you can learn how to generate QR codes with EasyChalk and embed them into your document.

The EasyChalk Workspace

A short introduction to the EasyChalk Workspace

Working with images

Here you can find out how to work with images

The EasyChalk Autogrouping feature

Here you can learn about the autogrouping feature of the pen tool

The EasyChalk Compass

Here you can find out how the compass is working

The EasyChalk Ruler

Here you can find out how the ruler is working

About us:

EasyChalk is the original Online-Whiteboard-Software, that works on all Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) e.g. on SMART Boards®, Promethean Boards®, Star Boards®, Tablets, interactive projectors (e.g. from Epson, Hitachi) and other systems. You can use EasyChalk anytime with any hardware. You can use EasyChalk hardware independent, e.g. create documents on an iPAD, embed videos and web content and share your work – no matter if you are working with Windows, Mac or Linux. This works since EasyChalk uses AJAX and HTML5, the most up to date web technology. Since Java and Flash is not required , you can use EasyChalk on a Tablet-PC and iPad. EasyChalk can be used intuitively and easily and is not overloaded with features. You can focus on the important things: Teaching is the focus, not technology! Since EasyChalk is available online, all your data is where you need it: preparing your lessons at home, in school or for your students at home, they can access the lessons you created and shared for them anywhere on any device, also on there smart phone. The only requirement: an up to date internet browser and internet access.

The Chalkless Media GmbH was founded 2010. A Team of educators and experts from the educational sector and the interactive whiteboard industry, as well as software developers from Germany and England started Chalkess Media to crate a better whiteboard software for everyone. Since more then 15 years the team has broad experience in teaching methodology using interactive whiteboards and has excellent experience in the development of online educational software. 


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